It’s our duty as Muslims to preserve our faith. Every Muslim male and female should fear Allah (SWT) and abide to the principles of Islam.

Halalgoogling search engine has unique filtering system to exclude Haram content from search results.

The system incorporates different components to provide the best protection for the Muslim community.

System Components:

  • General category filtering – Overall search results filtering of different categories
  • Forbidden sites – Black List of websites that are not allowed to appear on the search results
  • Link filtering – Removal of only certain  pages/links from a website, blog or forum
  • Haram Keywords – List of keywords that are not allowed to be searched or to search the entire web (only certain trusted sites).

*The system is updated continually.

Report option (report Haram content)

Despite our best effort to remove all the Haram content from the search results, there still might be content that needs to be filtered. The web contains millions of web sites that need continually to be checked and filtered, but with God (Allah SWT) help and yours, we can achieve this goal.

Help us and other Muslims by reporting Haram content by clicking the “Report” link in the search result page.

Please use this option to report any content you may think is contrary to the principles of Islam or content you think it should be excluded from the Haram filtering system.

The report/suggestion will be immediately reviewed from our team and if confirmed the Haram content will be removed from the search results.

Alhamdulillah (Praise to God).

47 Responses to Haram Filtering System

  1. Madiha says:

    Alhamdulillah, God help u proud to be a muslim

  2. manoj says:

    good try…… can also start another site for non muslims which is kid safe like safegoogle etc…….

  3. inshallah i will use it.

  4. Farheen Sayed says:

    Excellent work, May Allah bless your all team.

  5. Mudassar Saleem says:

    Masha Allah…it’s really a great acheivement…Carry on, May Allah help you…

  6. Bilal iqbal says:

    you done a good work. I am really happy to use it.

  7. Abdeali says:

    Subhanallah…very nice motive behind this, May Allah bless all Muslims!

  8. Abdeali says:

    Subhanallah…very nice motive behind this, May Allah bless all Muslims and All ManKind.

    Very useful and beneficial steps for keeping safe from Devil’s world!

  9. Mohammad Khalid Husain Sidddiqui says:

    It is really a great achievement. I am happy to use it.

  10. majidgeek says:

    Great work! thanks for this. I’m so happy using this search engine

  11. Syed Zubair says:

    Alhamdulilah!!! Allah showers his mercy and blessing on ummah… Specially this team who took initiate to fight against haram over net.. Jazakallahu khaira…

  12. Conspiracy News! | Halalgoogling: Muslim search engine blocks content forbidden under Islamic law – Daily Caller says:

    [...] The Muslim-friendly search engine functions like Google but incorporates a “Haram Filtering System.” [...]

  13. Fazlullah Badar says:

    Masha’allah. This search engine is better for this generation. It will help kids use internet properly. Insha’allah I’ll use it regularly.

  14. Muhammad says:

    Assalam 0 Alykum,
    i congrats you & all your tream for provide a such great Search Engine.
    Allah app ki & app ki team ki struggle ko Kabool FRMAE!

  15. Excellent work, May Allah bless your all team.
    Allah Hafiz…………..

  16. Tanveer Ahmad says:

    Excellent work, May Allah bless your all team.
    Allah Hafiz………….

  17. hasan hafeji says:

    Subhanallah…. I’m happy

  18. Muhammadnaeem syed GUJARAT INDIA says:

    Its good start, the most important is to avoid HARAM .

  19. Muhammed Umar says:

    God bless you. Good efforts. This will bring many Muslims to right path who are wasting their precious time in haram work. Please keep your efforts updated. I pray may ALLAH JALL E SHANAHU give you & your team best rewards for your hurrycan task. All the best.

  20. HAMZA ABDULLAH says:

    jazakALLAH your efforts are great..

  21. Dr Numan Afzal says:

    The human race will be safe especially muslims INSHA ALLAH

  22. samiullah says:


  23. Ahmed says:

    This is my new homepage.
    I really want to contribute to this cause. How can I help. I know web programming and some other skills as well.

  24. ماشا اللہ اللہ پاک آپ کی اس کاوش کو قبول فرماے۔۔۔۔آمین

  25. Nizar says:

    It is really good work .I really like it . Alhamdulillah.

  26. semih says:

    türklerin yapmadığını yaptınız teşekkürler…

  27. Mustapha Adam says:

    Alhamdulillah may ALLAH bless u

  28. nada marcheteau says:

    Amazing…. ALLAH bless u

  29. I like this post & enjoyed this one. Thank you for posting.

  30. محمد عبد الواحد says:

    اخى فى الله جزاكم الله خيرا وجعل الله ذلك العمل فى ميزان حسناتكم
    والله انى احبكم فى الله

  31. Umar Mydeen says:

    Good Job, Feel happy to see such a nice discoveries from our muslim community.

  32. Faruk says:

    Helal olsun !

  33. Muhammad Rizwan says:

    Good work. May God help u to do work like this

  34. Keep it up…but the design is still some rough looking make it smooth like google does. Good work


  35. عبد النافع زلال says:

    عمل رائع جداً وهذا هو المتوقع من الأخوة المخلصين والغيورين على الدين والأخلاق والفضيلة، وأسأل الله تعالى لكم ولجميع الاخوة العاملين في هذا الاتجاه المزيد من التوفيق والنجاح والإبداع.

  36. Ahmad ali khan says:

    It is great effort to save the muslims from bad things.
    Keep it up ….!
    God bless You.

  37. Ahmad ali khan says:

    It is also good for those non muslims which wants to aviod their children from bad things of internet.

  38. Ahmad ali khan says:

    My request to the admins of this beautiful search site that include the urdu language also in option to visit and use this site for my PAKISTANI sisters and brothers.
    God help you.

  39. Danyl says:

    Inshallah this can help the Ummah with internet related problems.

  40. Avşa says:

    Very good :)

  41. Zajakallah Khair.
    Keep it up.
    lots of love & dua’a for Halalgoogling team.

  42. Taufiq says:

    May ALLAH bless you.
    Allah help Your team.
    Magar ye commet likhne walo ko kehna chahta hu ke ALLAH ko ‘GOD’
    kehna mana he.

  43. Masya Allah. I’ve set as default search engine in Chrome.
    Good work, Barakallahulakum.

  44. Rafiullah says:

    I like halalgoogling beacuse i am a muslim.

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