Halalgoogling is special search engine customized to respect the Muslim culture and to protect the Muslim community. Beside the Haram filtering system it also includes:

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•    Halalgoogling will donate 10% of the yearly profit to charity, to help the Muslim community and to protect the children that desperately need our help.
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We are living in the age of technology that is based on computers and internet. We use the internet at our homes, work, anywhere, but the questions “Are we as Muslims prepared for this challenge? Are our children protected from the internet threats?” still remain. Read the article below to better understand the internet threats.


With the help of a few clicks, pornographic content spreads rampantly across the Internet, carried over an innumerable number of web sites, through explicit images in spam, and through advertisements on search engines. Various statistics show children increasingly being exposed to pornographic content. The content can involve despicable and disgusting acts, sometimes even involving children. The annual revenue of the worldwide pornographic industry is over £60 billion – that’s more than even Hollywood. According to a study by the London School of Economics, 6 out of every 10 children in the UK were regularly being exposed to pornography – that is the majority of children.


Approximately 90 percent of children aged 8 to 16 have seen pornography on the Internet. There are many ways in which children are being exposed to this evil material. Anybody with an email account would know that they are constantly bombarded by emails explicitly advertising pornography or indirectly (by showing one thing and upon clicking re-directing to an explicit site).

There are many game sites on the internet which allow harmless games to be played but advertise sexually explicit websites. According to the Top Ten Reviews report, at least 26 names of cartoon characters were linked to porn sites, thus exposing children to adult content on the Web.


 [1] – 89 percent of youth in chat rooms receive sexual solicitations.

 [2]– 73 percent of those exposures happened while searching or surfing the Internet and 27 percent while opening e-mail or clicking on links in e-mails or instant messages.

 [3] – 67 percent happened while using the Internet at home; 15 percent at school; 3 percent in libraries; and the rest at other homes, such as friends, and elsewhere.

 [4] – Most of the images were of nudity, 32 percent showed a sexual act.

 [5]Web searches and search engines were the most common route to exposures (47 percent).

 [6] – In 26 percent of the surfing incidents, the children surveyed were “mousetrapped” into another dirty site while trying to get out of the one they were in.

Source:  Islamic-Life

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