The search engine Halalgoogling is an alternative for the existing search engines that don’t satisfy the needs of the Muslims. Halalgoogling is designed to respect the Muslim Culture.
Halalgoogling is the World’s unique Muslim search engine that has a built in system to filter “Haram content”.

Our Mission is to satisfy the internet needs of the Muslim community, so each Muslim can surf the web in the Halal way.

Halalgoogling – The Muslim Way (The Only Way).

Our Vision is to be the number one search engine in the Muslim community.

Everyone has the right to enjoy the possibilities that the internet offers, to learn or to use it for work, to share the fruits of scientific achievements, different literature, technical information, to trade products or offer different services etc. However, we have the right to preserve our faith, our moral and the interest of our brothers and sister worldwide. We are here to ensure that such content is not contrary to the principles of Islamic religion.

Halalgoogling has a special filtering system that excludes Haram (forbidden) sites or content from the search results such as pornography, nudity, gay, lesbian, bisexual, gambling, anti-Islamic content or anything else that is Haram according to the Islamic law.

The Haram filtering system is not the only creative technology that makes Halalgoogling unique. We also offer many other innovative features like Category assistant, Random topics, Quick look, Special Shopping and other.

Despite of our best efforts to make our service as secure as possible from haram content, there is still much work to be done, we still have several milestones to overcome, but with God willing (Insha’Allah) and your help we will make Halalgoogling suitable for every Muslim brother and sister and achieve our common goal. We apologize for any unintentional mistake that we might have made or could make in the future. We are humans and we make mistakes, only God (Allah SWT) The Almighty and All-knowing does not make mistakes.

This project could not have success without your help. We are sure that all Muslims will help us to achieve our common goal.

Help us and other Muslims by using Halalgoogling and reporting Haram content so we can exclude it immediately from the search results.

“Halalgoogling is world’s unique Muslim search engine that has a built in system to filter Haram content”.

Muslims together in one Place.

20 Responses to Halalgoogling Project & Description

  1. Udaysah says:

    Masha’allah - May allah always protect us

  2. Abdylkadir Hati says:


  3. yasin says:

    very great work by Masha’allah…inshallah one day it will beat google.

  4. Masha’allah, great work !

  5. Syed Shakil Ahmed says:

    Masha’allah, You are starts or set new trends for all the Muslims around the world in respect of other search engines. My prays with you and Insha’allah you will be day by by more popular/famous all over the world.

  6. tasaddaq hussain says:

    indeed it is a great achievement, it is not only for muslims ,it is the need of all those people who are clean and soft minded in nature.
    Almighty Allah Mah help you.

  7. Ali says:

    Good Work.

    I Like it - Halalgoogling – The Muslim Way (The Only Way).

  8. Mashallah great work. Jazak allah khair May Allah SWT accept your contribution to muslim community and give reward in the world and hereafter.

  9. Francis says:

    Excellent work !! Appreciate the team behind this :)

    Everyone can use this especially those who have children using computer, they can add this search engine to the browser.

  10. Masha Allah ! Very unique and good thinking. Will surely gives youngsters like me new ideas. :) \m/

  11. MS Tabrez says:

    Alhamdulillah, The Muslims have first time done unique for all humans. Very very thanks and God bless u.

  12. Ann says:


    I’m from LA,US. Mashallah nice work you done. Keep it up with high cyber security.

  13. naveed says:

    MashaAllah, its good for ourself, family and kids

  14. rashid says:

    I’m from Tajikistan. Mashallah nice work you done. Keep it up with high cyber security.

  15. Very good. I totally support

  16. Aadil Mian says:

    With 1.5 billion Muslims around the world, the search engine was created to “satisfy the Internet needs of the Muslim community, so each Muslim can surf the web in the Halal way,” according to the project’s mission statement.

  17. wasim says:

    very good work. may Allah give success

  18. Leseul says:

    Thank you for this work
    May allahou soubhanahou wa taalla give success to this project

  19. [email protected] says:

    JazakAllah for all your efforts. We really needed this!

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